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  • Custom analytics for grownups

    For stable web businesses, pre-built reports aren't quite enough. For those that need custom reporting, you have us.

    Analyze, visualize, find answers to the critical business questions you have.

    Providing actionable insights and recommendations to business based on their strategic goals by statistical analysis, problem solving, synthesis of data and communication through reports and dashboards.

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  • Gain access to valuable data with full transparency to accuracy and quality

    Never be fooled by the pre-defined KPIs. Define the metrics that are important to your company and track their progress over time. Customized metrics gives you confidence in your decisions and that they are supported by correct information.

    Define your own event schema, modify any custom attribute, program new attributes, user properties, user segments, and content types.

    Integrate with predictive models

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  • Enable Collective Intelligence

    Detect outliers, discover patterns and correlations using alogorithms to relate (by categorizing content and customers based on existing interaction data) and algorithms to find (make sense of the crowd to drive a personalized experience) and make predictions (display 1:1 content and product recommendations based on an individual's preferences and affinities).

    Enrich your CRM database with digital insights

    Bring together first-party data from sources like your CRM and POS, and combine them with real-time behavioral and contextual observations to create powerful customer segments.

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  • Test Hypotheses and Challenge Assumptions : Experiment and learn

    Put your best ideas to the test with advanced A/B/n testing.
    Your visitors behave differently depending on which segments they belong to, optimize for targeted audiences rather than the average visitor.

    Built-in measures of statistical significance

    Full-factorial ANOVA approach to help reduce variance, limit false positives, and measure interaction between variables.

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Analyze, visualize, Integrate with predictive models

1 - Gather

Effortlessly collect not only page views but also event data - those constant little interactions that happen all day, every day, in your web applications, such as signups, product / news content / video views, purchases, facebook likes, etc.. Just tell us what you want to know about your users. We assist the client during the implementation phase of the solution. The important thing is to obtain relevant data, which meet your needs.

2 - Store

Store as much raw event data as you wish forever and ever to enable you to perform any sort of query you need today... and any you might think of in the future. The value of data sets increases when they are joined with other, complimentary data sets. We enable you to bring data from external systems via api or data files. If you ever need to take your data out of our systems, we enable that as well. It's your data... you should always have access to it!

3 - Learn

We perform the role of your data scientist and find answers. We enable market basket analysis using statistical tools and segmentation and classification using machine learning tools. We also provide you an option to play around with your data whenever you like.

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